Cooking Instruction

Cooking can be lots of fun when you have a firm grip on the basics, so put on that apron—I want to help you become more comfortable in the kitchen!

Whether you prefer one-on-one instruction or enjoy learning with other people, I can help you feel confident in your kitchen by teaching you the basics of many different facets of cooking. Some of the topics that are covered in my instructional classes are:

  • Cutting Techniques
  • Basic Cooking Techniques (searing, baking, poaching, grilling)
  • Kitchen Tools and Their Uses
  • The Importance of Mise en Place
  • Order of Sautéing/ Timing of Ingredients
  • How to Use Spices
  • Winning Flavor Combinations
  • How to Break Down Fish and Various Types of Meat
  • Mastering the Mother Sauces
  • Basic Baking Techniques


    Contact me today to discuss a personalized plan for cooking instruction!