Personal Chef


  • In an initial consultation meeting, I will work together with you to determine your preferences, dislikes, dietary restrictions, etc., and create a menu of meal options that suits you, your family, and your lifestyle.
  • A weekly menu of entrees (each can be made to serve up to 4 and comes with a side dish)—chosen from my categorized menu or specialty items, per your request—is drawn up and approved by you, or you can let me know your general preferences, and I’ll handle this part too!   
  • You pay for the exact cost of the ingredients needed to make your menu items but never step foot in the grocery store—I’ll do the shopping for you! Your grocery store and food-type preferences may be discussed if desired. I aim to make you as happy with your food and pricing as possible!
  • I will bring the necessary equipment to your home on an agreed-upon day once a week and prepare fresh, DELICIOUS, ready-to-warm—or eat, in some cases—meals for you and your family (containers included).


               Each meal can serve up to 4 people and comes with a side dish.


2 entrees
  • 1 side each
(8 servings) = $110
3 entrees
  • 1 side each
(12 servings) = $130
4 entrees
  • 1 side each
(16 servings) = $150
5 entrees
  • 1 side each
(20 servings) = $200

Please contact me today to schedule a consultation or to learn more. I look forward to helping you make a positive change in your life today!